BetRoar is a revolutionary way to bet privately using the Bitcoin blockchain. You can bet on everything from sports to politics and even video games, with the best possible odds and completely anonymously.


Bitcoin has quickly become the #1 choice for gamblers around the world who want fast transactions and complete freedom from restrictive banks and credit cards. Thanks to the speed and low cost of transactions, Bitcoin is changing how people place bets online.

Forget delays and big fees, you’ll have your winnings minutes after your cashout is approved.

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A New Challenger Approaches! Bit Brawlers is an all-new way to play, only at BetRoar! Don’t worry if your reflexes aren’t what they used to be or if you haven’t brushed up on your combos lately, you can still win big in the craziest classic arcade fighting action you’ve ever seen!

Simply place your bet then root for your fighter in short, intense fights featuring thousands of legendary video game characters. Odds are calculated in real-time using a parimutuel pool (like horse racing) and fights are totally AI-controlled for fairness.


  • The best odds on sports and esports matches.

  • Player funds are kept in cold storage to protect from hacking.

  • Earn over 4% APR compounding interest paid daily on your Betroar balance.

  • No personal information required - no personal data tracked.

  • Massive deposit bonuses!

Earn 50% of the house commission from every person you refer!
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