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BetRoar is a whole new avenue for online bettors to grow their fortune using Bitcoin technology. Users are depositing their bitcoin balances from their personal wallet to our internal server -- safe and secure -- to bet on various game modes that suit your tastes. Whether you want to make quick cash or play it fun and slow by watching real sports live, we got many ways for you to bet.

With our Bit Brawlers Game, bettors can bet on an exciting retro style arcade fighting game with over 9000 characters each with their own special moves and skills. Betting is parimutuel which means you are betting against other players rather than against the house. If you win, your payout is equal to the proportion of the losing pot based on how much you contributed to the winning pot.

We also have the traditional fixed odds betting where you can bet on your favorite team in Football, Soccer, eSports, and other live sports. Multi bet and betting on team scores is also available with some of the best odds in the industry!

This is only the beginning. Check out for more future developments in our site, opening limitless possibilities for everyone to bet and win!

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