A: Playing on BetRoar is easy! Create an account in less than 30 seconds and start placing bets on Sports, eSports or Bit Brawlers right away!

A: Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that allows peer to peer transactions over the internet.

To see why Bitcoin is the preferred currency for gamblers worldwide, see here.

A: If you want to buy Bitcoin using a Credit or Debit Card, you can follow the easy step-by-step guide here.


A: Bit Brawlers is a Player-vs-Player (PvP) betting game inspired by classic 90’s fighting games. Pick your fighter, watch the exciting AI battle, and win big!
A: Bit Brawlers is a Parimutuel betting game, so the odds on each fight are determined by the % of bitcoin wagered on each side. Like a horse race, the odds are not set until the fight begins.
A: Bit Brawlers is powered by live, publically viewable streams on This means just like a live sports broadcast, it is not possible to know the results before the match begins.

A: Yeah, that’s sort of the point. Bit Brawlers is played using public online M.U.G.E.N. streams running AI-controlled fights 24/7. M.U.G.E.N. is an open-source fighting game engine with over 9000 characters, many of whom have their own unique game mechanics. Weird stuff is going to happen.

No matter how weird the action gets, the rules are just like the arcade. Reduce your opponent’s life bar to zero to win. If time runs out, the fighter with the most health wins the round.

Most (but not all) fights are best 2 out of 3.


A: Wagers on canceled and rescheduled games are canceled and returned.
A: Don’t worry, this usually just means your bet has not been graded yet. We try to grade bets as quickly as possible and typically are completed within a few minutes after the event but there may be a delay of up to 12 hours in exceptional cases. Feel free to contact live support with any concerns.
A: Wagers on Sports and eSports have lines that are set at the time of betting. Bit Brawlers odds are parimutuel and subject to change until the fight starts.


A: BetRoar offers generous bonuses to reward both new and loyal players. Wagering requirements (rollover) must be met before requesting a payout.

Example of Rollover:

Deposit: $200
Bonus: $200
Rollover 10x

Wagering Requirement Before Withdraw:
$200 + $200 = $400
$400 x 10 = $4,000

For a Bonus with 5x Rollover:
$200 + $100 = $300
$300 x 5 = $1,500

A: New players can receive a 100% match bonus on their first deposit up to $2000. 25x Rollover.
A: Nope! Just meet the 10x rollover requirement and your BTC is yours to cash-out! No catch!


A: Singles are types of bets where games are individually staked. For each game, the player is going to place a wager on certain odds. Whenever the wager is a win/successful, the player would get payouts proportional to the odds. In short, each bet would pay out per-event and would not affect other bets in the betting slip. Multiples, however, are high-risk, high-reward bets. Players are allowed to select multiple lines and spreads, and their odds of the entire multiple bets is equivalent to the product of all of the decimal odds included in the betting slip. However, your bets on the betting slip must ALL be correct to win. For example, the player has selected games that has 1.23, 1.43, 2.34, 5.23 and 3.65 decimal odds. Therefore, the multiple bet's over-all odds is 1.23 X 1.43 X 2.34 X 5.23 X 3.65 = 78.5691. Yes, you've read it right! If you only bet 0.05 BTC on the whole multi-bet with these five odds, you would amass a whopping 3.9285 BTC... that's if you have bet on those five games correctly.
A: This means we haven’t graded your bet yet. We try to grade bets as quickly as possible and typically have the bet graded a few minutes after the event but occasionally there may be a delay of up to 12 hours in exceptional cases.

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