Why does BetRoar use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the ultimate digital currency for gaming. Built using blockchain technology, Bitcoin(BTC) is NOT governed by any central bank or local authority. Anonymity combined with unbreakable cryptography means a transaction using BTC is as good as using cash.

Buying Bitcoin

There are lots of ways to buy BTC online. However, most of them come with a lengthy approval process before your first transaction. If you are looking to get playing right away, we recommend Edge App on your smartphone.

Edge is a secure and easy-to-use app that allows you to purchase BTC instantly using a debit or credit card.


Edge can be found in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You can either download the app by typing "Edge Wallet" into your smart phone's app store and then selecting "Edge - Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet" OR by going to their website with your smartphone's browser.



Upon opening the application, you are asked to create an account for your bitcoin wallet (the place where your BTC will be stored after your purchase). This process only requires you to select a username and password, it does not even require a phone number or email address.

You should remember to write down your password because there is no way to recover it if it is lost!



You could find the “Buy Cryptocurrency” option in the Menu.


If you want to access BTC as quickly as possible, select “Credit and Debit Card”. You can also buy BTC using a bank account, but that can take up to 5 days to process.


You will then be directed to select the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase. First, select which wallet your purchased bitcoin will be deposited into. You do this by pressing "Choose Destination Wallet" and choose "My Bitcoin", "My Bitcoin Wallet”, or any other wallet that relates to bitcoin as long as it does not say "Bitcoin Cash" because this is a different currency.


Then, input how much USD would you want to be converted in bitcoin.


Once you have confirmed the amount of BTC you want and in which wallet they will be deposited into, input your credit or debit card information into the secure form in the app.


Finally, submit your purchase. The bitcoin will automatically be sent to your Edge Wallet and it will take between 10 to 30 minutes to process and arrive.


Once the bitcoin are deposited into your Edge Wallet, they are yours to send wherever you want, including your to BetRoar account!

Depositing Bitcoin

Once you have your Edge App topped up with bitcoins, you are now able to deposit them into your BetRoar account to start betting. It’s simple and easy.


In your BetRoar account, select Cashier > Deposit from the main menu. You will then be shown a BTC address and a QR code. You only need to use one of these to complete your deposit.


NOTE: The image above is only an example, do NOT send BTC to this address. Instead, use the unique address inside your BetRoar account.

There are two ways to input this information into your Edge App:

  • If you are using BetRoar on a smartphone, copy the address by pressing the "Copy Address to Clipboard" button and paste it in the Edge App.

  • If you are using BetRoar on a PC and you have the Edge App installed on your smartphone, you can just scan the QR code from the app.


Once you have opened the deposit page in BetRoar you can open your Edge App. For mobile users, it’s okay to leave the BetRoar page for the meantime, as long as the Bitcoin Address has been copied to your clipboard.

On your Edge App, select the wallet where you deposited your bitcoins. Upon opening the wallet, you will see the bitcoin that you have deposited. Select “Send” to transfer bitcoins.


You will see the interface to scan a QR Code something like this:


From this point, if you are using Betroar on a PC:

Simply Scan the QR Code you have seen on the Deposit page of BetRoar with the Edge app on your smartphone.

If you are using Betroar on your smartphone or other mobile devices:

Click the “Address” button that will prompt you to enter the Public Address you have copied from the BetRoar Deposit page. Paste the Public Address in. After pasting the address, click “Done”.


When you have already scanned the QR Code or you have already pasted the Bitcoin Address, you will be redirected to enter how much bitcoin you want to send. Double-check the details.

To confirm, slide the slider to the left.


Your bitcoins will generally take between 10-30 minutes to be available for play on the site.

Withdrawing your winnings

Once you’ve won money on BetRoar, cashing out couldn’t be easier!

If you are using the Edge App, you can view the bitcoin address of your wallet you want your bitcoin to be transferred to by pressing “Request”.

After pressing the “Request” button, you will be redirected to a page with a QR code and a series of letters and numbers below. They are your receiving bitcoin address, and you might want to copy it from your phone by clicking “Copy” below.

If you are using BetRoar on your computer, you have to transfer the address into an application or text editor that both your PC and phone can access, e.g. Messenger, Telegram. Alternatively you can manually key in your wallet's address under the QR code if you are typing it into your PC but remember that the wallet address is CASE SENSITIVE so you must copy it exactly as you see it including any CAPITAL LETTERS.

In your BetRoar account, select Cashier > Withdraw in the main menu.

You will then be shown a simple cashout form. Paste the address (or carefully type it in) of the wallet you are withdrawing to and the amount of bitcoin you want to withdraw. Press “Send” once you have verified the address and the amount you want to withdraw.

That’s it! It’s that easy!

Converting Bitcoins Into Cash

You can cash out your Bitcoins into your local currency and deposit them into your bank account or buy Gift Cards with them. In your Edge App, you can go to Menu > Sell Cryptocurrency and either (1) convert it to another currency, or (2) use it in online purchases.


To convert bitcoins back to cash, first select “ACH Bank Transfer” (United States) or "SEPA Bank Transfer" (EU). For first-time users that will convert bitcoin back to cash, Edge App would first prompt you to create another account for Wyre, a service that converts bitcoin back to your local currency (you are not required to install anything this time). After creating the Wyre account, you would then proceed to input your bank details and transfer the converted bitcoins into your bank account. The deposit to your bank account will be in US dollars or Euros.

To use your bitcoin as payments for Gift Cards, you can select “Gift Cards”. From there you can use your bitcoin to buy Gift Cards for Steam, PlayStation, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Apple Store, iTunes, and many more.


Buying Bitcoin with cash using Bitcoin ATMs

If you need to buy bitcoin immediately using cash instead of a credit/debit card, a Bitcoin ATM is your best option. Some will also let you convert your winnings back into cash.

You will still need a bitcoin wallet to use a Bitcoin ATM. If you do not have one, we recommend downloading the free Edge App on your smartphone. Follow the instructions in the Buying Bitcoin section of this guide for installing the Edge app and creating your bitcoin wallet. Complete step #1 & #2 of the guide.

Now, Instead of buying bitcoin within the Edge App like suggested on step 3 of the Buying Bitcoin section, you will instead buy bitcoin in person with cash through the ATM. You can locate bitcoin ATMs near you by going to your phone’s app store and typing “Coin ATM Radar” into the search bar and then installing the free Coin ATM Radar app.

Using your smartphone’s GPS you can now easily locate a bitcoin ATM near you.

Once you locate a bitcoin ATM follow the on-screen instructions and insert cash into the machine. The bitcoin ATM will ask for your wallet’s QR code. You can find this by opening your Edge app, selecting “My Bitcoin”, and pressing “Request”. Allow the ATM to scan your QR code.

Congratulations! You now have bitcoin deposited into your wallet!

Bitcoin Safety

All player-deposited bitcoin is held in cold storage to fully protect your bitcoin from hackers. Click HERE to learn more about how cold storage works.

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All deposited bitcoin are stored using cold storage to fully protect your bitcoin from hackers.

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